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Cheeseburger Macaroni and Cheese


I made this once for my sister and her boyfriend, and she’s been bugging me for the recipe ever since. I have been dragging my feet about posting it because I had wanted to re-shoot the photos. We are currently living with my in-laws so I don’t have my own kitchen and have given myself a break from taking photos. She has named it Ulla’s Cheesy Beef Bake!  Ha!

If you get frozen ground beef from a local farmer you can whip this up from what you have in your pantry and fridge. Frozen ground beef is seriously the BEST thing to have on hand (trust me on this).  With only one pound of beef you can feed an army, and the casserole freezes really well. Growing up, my mother would make tuna casserole when she was low on groceries, using bits of cheese [2] that were getting older in the fridge. Not the most appetizing description, but it’s a great way to lessen your food waste and save money. Cheddar cheese is preferred in this recipe, but you could use any cheese and grate it. Just make sure to taste the cheese mixture and season it to your liking if you are using a less salty cheese.

I used gluten free rice noodles in this dish. To extend the proportion even further, serve with a side salad [3] and/or sauteed vegetables.