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My Potato Harvest!

[1]Dark Red Norland, Yukon Gold & Kerr’s Pink
I was upstate for over a whole week. It was lovely, work related projects have had me downstate more then I would have liked this summer [2] but it was nice to be upstate for a while, even though it was bittersweet because it is ALMOST officially the end of summer.

I was able to harvest my potatoes [3] as well. The good news is that even though we got a bit of blight they came out gorgeous. This is my first experience growing potatoes so I am not really sure if we would have gotten more or less because of the blight. I know that the purple vikings did badly but all the other varieties did well. On a normal year, we could have harvested them a bit at a time insuring that they would have new potatoes for dinner each night but there is something very satisfying about knowing your WHOLE yield and the blight made it imperative to take them all up. Next year hopefully it will be better! The night after the harvest we boiled them and served them with butter. New potatoes are heaven on earth!

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